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Lights Makes Believe (Dok.
Honold Fine Art is pleased to inform you of the exhibition Light Makes Believe, the first duo show of visual artists Fendry Ekel and Marco Cassani in collaboration with Studio Kalahan, Yogyakarta from 1 to 15 November 2017. The exhibition brings together painting and sculpture, reflecting the artists’ interest for light as a picture and object, as well as a shared fascination for language and numbers in both practices. For Ekel and Cassani presenting their works on this occasion, represents an intriguing artistic dialog with each other as well as with the founder of the art space, visual artist Heri Dono, with his great fascination for the wayang puppet performance, which is visually based on shadow as its core matter. As part of theJogja Biennale Parallel Events program, Fendry Ekel and Marco Cassani will give an artist talk at Kantin 105 in Sarang Blok 1, Yogyakarta on 3 November from 3-5 PM.

Fendry Ekel: Due to rapid technological development of the lighting industry (such as light emitting diode or LED), Neon light seems to have turned into an icon of the past that comes with a certain nondescript melancholic atmosphere. Since his work’s theme is centered around the relation between man and memory for Fendry Ekel this condition makes neon light an interesting object to depict as image in his work. Neon light has been introduced in contemporary art by legendary artists such as Dan Flavin, Bruce Nauman, Ed Ruscha and others alike. Even earlier, in the oeuvre of painter Edward Hopper, artificial (neon) light is already depicted, creating a compelling aura metaphorical for a certain isolation of men in their own social environment. Ekel’s interest for light is not limited to its aesthetic or function to make things visible but more importantly includes its manifold metaphors. In the artist’s work light as text appears for the first time in the painting series Century 21 from 2006. The subject of light has since evolved continuously in his series of Title and Year Paintings, where he painted neon lights in the form of numbers and text from titles of his own paintings. In the show Light Makes Believe Fendry Ekel will be presenting a selection of works from both series along with a readymade light wallpiece.

Marco Cassani: Watt is the international unit for power mainly associated with electricity, which in the modern world is the source of light. The interconnected presence of these two elements, light and power, makes it intriguing for Marco Cassani to infuse the element of light as representation of power into his new sculpture series Huruf Uang (Alphabet of Money). It is inspired by the language, which has been created by a “madman of the village”, the outcast of a Balinese village, where Cassani works and lives at the moment. To give value to the banknotes that this villager designs and uses as his own fantasized economic system against the real one, Alphabet of Money consists of a series of ghostly sculptures made out of wood, acrylic paint and neon light. With this series Cassani aims to create a parallel understanding toward the value of currency. The language-code system is part of the tactics to counter the structure of dominant power and human particularities that Marco Cassani has highlighted and collected in form of new products, found objects, readymades and assisted readymades as his artistic creation since 2014. For the duo show Light Makes Believe Marco Cassani will be showing a selection of works from the Alphabet of Money.

The exhibition Light Makes Believe has been produced by PartNER, Yogyakarta with kind support of Studio Kalahan, Sarang, Honold Fine Art and the Jogja Biennale Forum.

November 1, 2017 at 5 pm
Studio Kalahan
Jl. Sidoarum – Gamping 2
Ambarketawang, Gamping,
Sleman – Yogyakarta 55294

November 3, 2017 at 3-5 pm
Kantine 105, Sarang I
Kalipakis RT 05/II, Tirtonirmolo, Kasihan
Bantul – Yogyakarta 55181

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