Brochure Behind The Terrain (PDF Download)


The traveling exhibition Behind the Terrain – sketches on imaginative landscapes exam-ines questions that emerge from the interrelation of the politics of remembrance, mem-ory, as well as individual historicities within critical research and art practices. The focus on landscape, in terms of imaginary narrative as well as politics behind actual terrain, is brought into perspective by artists with different cultural and immigrant backgrounds and their relationship to defining terms like: “migration”, “border” or “identity”, and the landscapes of their practice. The exhibition will travel through Southeast and East Asia (Yogyakarta, Hanoi, and Tokyo).

Our encounter with terrain emerges from the hectic pitch of our daily lives, within spac – es where information from outside assault us constantly. Sometimes, there is probably a strange sense of intuition towards what is “seen”: does an image when continually repeated, gradually acquire “truth” due to consistency, or does it remain imaginary;? We stray into cracks and grapple with the in/between, as we try to distinguish imaginary landscape from physical terrain, but should we?


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