Everything is Controversial – Extended (The Death of Contemporary Art)

Everything is Controversial - Extended (The Death of Contemporary Art) (Dok. Studiokalahan.com)

 – – – INVITATION – – –
Visual Art Exhibition

– Performance and Presentation of 3 International Artists –

Featuring Paintings, Sculpture, Installation, Video and Text
Exhibition Extension  – Tuesday 20 – Friday 23 September – 10am -10pm
Discussion  / Strategy   –Friday 23 September – 4pm

Discussion / Strategy

On Friday at 4pm, there will be a Discussion / Strategy workshop to discuss the End of Contemporary Art, with the possibility of Jogja leading the way into a new period of Art. Anything is possible, as the international Art Industry and Art Media, have been waiting for Artists to finally act in the defence of Art; in an immune system type response. All interested parties are invited to attend, with a mixed selection of representatives from the Art Industry to lead the discussions. Various themes are being explored.

Please Dress Casually & Bring Ideas
Exhibition Theme

The theme is the Death of Contemporary Art, enacted by the symbolic death of the three dispossessed artist’s personas. Like Modern Art before it., Contemporary Art has only a limited time to exist; where once it burned its concepts brightly and nearly conquered the world, its demise was inevitable.

For artists to survive the transition from the old to the new, they must accept the cycle of death and rebirth, as new movements are born and one generation gives way to the next.

Do not weep for the loss for the loss of Contemporary Art… It wasn’t that good.

Art Documentary Cinema

A seated area will be set up to show various highly interesting art and science documentaries running in a loop.

The Great Contemporary Art Bubble – Update
Banksy – B Movie
What Makes Art Valuable
How Art Changed The World – Part 2
The Human Animal – Part 6
Ghost Army
Cracking The Colour Code

Art & Copy

The artworks will be displayed as three memorials to the former dispossessed artists; each artist will have their own exhibition presentation space.


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